Warmth on a Cold Day Preset Collection

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Transform Your Photos in Seconds

  • Includes:10 Desktop & Mobile Presets

  • Files: XMP, DNG, CUBE ( Video Luts)

  • Support: RAW, JPG, LOG (Video)

  • File Size:63,6 MB

  • Delivery:Direct Digital Download


    About the Product

    Transform Your Photos In Seconds!

    Embrace the beauty of chilly days with a cozy touch using our Warmth on a Cold Day  Preset Collection. This unique selection of presets is expertly designed to infuse your cold-weather photography with a sense of warmth and comfort. Ideal for capturing the stark beauty of winter landscapes, city scenes shrouded in mist, or intimate indoor moments by the fire, these presets add a gentle, inviting warmth to every shot.

    They skillfully balance cool tones with warm highlights, creating images that feel like a snug embrace on a frosty day. From the golden glow of a sunrise over a snowy field to the rich, inviting ambiance of a café on a rainy afternoon, our Warmth on a Cold Day Collection ensures your photos resonate with the heartwarming contrast of cold scenes and warm, inviting tones. 


     10 Presets For Mobile (dng files)

     10 Presets For Desktop (xmp - lrtemplate files)

    • 10 LUTs for Video (cube files)

    • User Installation & Tutorial Guide 

    Compatible with Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, Luminar, Filmora and any other software that utilizes XMP Files and 3D LUTs.


    Work on Mobile - Tablet - Laptop


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